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Kontech USA Inc. is a registered incorporated company in the state of California since Jan. 2012. The Company’s main business focus is real estate investment,


Stanley Village open to sale and pre-sale, Q4 2017.

City of Pleasanton

A short walk from Stanley Village, beautiful downtown Pleasanton is a vibrant city with an...

Stanley Village Site

On Stanley Boulevard, five minutes walk to downtown Pleasanton, Stanley Village houses thirteen new and...

Stanley Village 1A

HOME | STANLEY VILLAGE | ANDALUSIAN 1A Andalusian 1A / Lots 3, 10 & 12...

Stanley Village 1B

HOME | STANLEY VILLAGE | SPANISH 1B Spanish 1B / Lots 1 & 11 1635...

Stanley Village 2A

HOME | STANLEY VILLAGE | ANDALUSIAN 2A Andalusian 2A / Lots 2 & 9 1790...

Stanley Village 2B

HOME | STANLEY VILLAGE | SPANISH 2B Spanish 2B / Lots 4, 7 & 13...

Stanley Village 3A

HOME | STANLEY VILLAGE | ANDALUSIAN 3A Andalusian 3A / Lots 6 & 8 1987...

Stanley Village 3B

HOME | STANLEY VILLAGE | SPANISH 3B Spanish 3B / Lot 5 1939 ft² [smartslider3...

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We are located in the beautiful Pleasanton, CA

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405 Boulder Ct. Suite 200 I, Pleasanton, CA 94566


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